I take this time to thank you for all support you have given me. For me learning the SALT approah was the only thing i needed. Before i knew SALT i had several questions related to my life, my peers and also Africa in general. I was wondering how one can have all these menerals, raw materials but become poor, I wondered why Africans can not turn their raw materials in to finished product? what is missing for africans to be able to do in all of this? how is it that the aid we receive in Africa does not change the situation? instead of the poverty increases the rate. Conflicts increase every day.
After experiencing SALT I started having answers to my questions gradually. Thanks to SALT, I realized that everyone has a mission in life, a unique talent or unique gift to offer to others. When we put this particular talent to the service of others , we know the importance and joy of our own spirit which is the ultimate goal of all goals.
And SALT taught me to serve with love; to serve with love is to weave a garment with the threads of your heart as if it were destined for your beloved. Each particular talent as well as each unique expression of this talent also responds to specific needs and when these needs meet the creative expression of your talent; they arise from this encounter the great generator of affluence. So expressing his talent to meet these needs create unlimited wealth and abundance.
One thing i liked most about you is that when you help someone to make him independant, you help him to discover his true self, his strength, his talent, his nature because in reality it is in this way that Africa will finally open its eyes, discover how to turn their raw materials into a finished product and once it happens it will become the opposite because the first will be the last.
Currently i found all my answers to my questions thanks to you especially to Eric, Loli and Luc.
Mow i'm finishing a book that i started to write from the month of April that will be titled who are we in reality? In this book i talk about the 7 Paths to the power of creation. The knowledge and practice of the path of creative power puts us in harmony with nature, it allows us to create without taking care with joy and love. All creation is divine and in reality we are a divine masked. So true success is the unfolding of the divinity deep inside us, experiencing the miraculous experience.
The project of reconciliation in Burundi is too big and powerful, but if the Burundians managed to regain their strength, it woold become simple as the Burundians will no longer need help and we will be a mdel for all Africa; for that i will give even my soul.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do in the world, the results of your work are huge because by then the whole world will talk about you.
Thank you
Sebastien kizito

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