Way back when we had no internet connection, communication and sharing was available just by direct person to person interaction, who could predict that everything will change so dramatically?

Nobody, or very few.

Today, using this amazing opportunity, an open community have decided to empower people to co-create a sustainable world, literally. 

Have you imagined that you can design a windmill and create energy just by few clicks of your mouse? Sounds weird? Maybe, but it is a simple metaphor to make a step, be involved and prove that you can ACT. You can move the windmill wings within dreamups.org community by signing up to get access to the rich library of sustainable solutions that people build and share to create a positive change. And now you can do that too!

We are working now on the free "Do It Yourself" solutions' library which embraces issues like Water, Energy, Design, Farming, Mobility, Architecture and other categories if relevant. The first beta version of the platform will be launched in March 2013.

Feel free to educate yourself and apply something positive in your environment. Don’t hesitate to sign up, to access them first and invite friends - they must know that too!

Imagine you are the wind, steer  yourself to right direction! Direction > www.dreamups.org

Simply impact.

Sincerely, Tudor

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Comment by Tudor Tarlev on January 15, 2013 at 5:37am

Hi Dr. Mukesh

For sure we can if there is a need. Here is one example of it: http://vimeo.com/19752311

You can signup for updates (www.dreamups.org) and share with your community so more people can get involved. This will help us create what communities really need.

Comment by Dr. Mukesh Bhachawat on January 14, 2013 at 11:00am

that great " Do it yourself solutions" library would definitely help in burning issues .  our suggestion in this regard can we include health as well ? would be more fruitful. in developing countries.


Mukesh bhachawat



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