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Ever since I was a little girl, books were travelling with me everywhere. Not easy upbringing perhaps was the reason why I was drowning myself in the stories of others wanting to be someone else, live in a different world. Walking on the tragic path of Wallenrod, I was facilitating other peoples’ dream, not mine. It took me a long time, but certain life-changing facts and situations, made me realise that my dream is closer than I thought. In every busy day it is not easy to notice, what is really important for an enduring life satisfaction. Maslow’s Pyramid would agree with me, that all those events in my existence blurred the vision for true happiness. All-Star Magic Johnson is capable of showing a long-term journey, than I don’t see the reason, why I can’t be next.

I love ‘Theodore Boone’ written by John Grisham not because it is an international bestseller, but for its language, simplicity and character. His every book is QR coding my heart and soul. Not everyone knows that he is a highly educated accountant. I have never seen myself as a writer, but no matter what is the background, your spirit will take over at some point only if you allow yourself to listen.

‘She killed my faith

my soul

my love


She was the last thing I expected to meet

Mary from my nightmares

Mary from my days

'M' for a million of tears, or two

'A' for any piece of hope I was holding to

'R' for reality that it became after breathless nightmares

'Y'… well why or why?

Why me?

Why you?

Why anyone?

Now my dear Mary

'M' is Me and you as My friend

My friend that I will make you

Mary, oh Mary

Bloody Mary

You questioned my life

You questioned my happiness

You questioned Me…’

In times of false ‘good Samaritans’, overpowered peace guards, corrupted government workers, drastic in-family crimes, I question my sensitivity and the right to question.

Today I know that the only person to facilitate my dream is ME.


*Reference to HIV. As a member of the all-family charity, we were instructed not to use the word to protect the little members, who are still to find out…

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Comment by Olivia Munoru on March 8, 2012 at 6:41pm

Alex - you are a writer indeed! Wow! Did you write the poem? I guess this means that the dream has come true already.... 

Keep sharing. You have a depth that takes the reader on a journey. 

The dream comes from within, indeed, but I challenge you to remember that others may share your dream.... and can learn from you. At the same time, you can learn from others... so never feel like you have to walk the path alone.

By the way, I had no idea that John Grisham was an accountant!  Funny how life takes you on these journeys. I wonder if he knew he'd be a writer when he was at accounting college!

See you soon. Let's do another coffee :-)

Comment by Jean-Louis Lamboray on March 3, 2012 at 11:36am

Thank you for sharing Aleksandra. Go for it!

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