All 3 groups presented their SALT experiences (AAR) which they have done on 4 and 5 September.

What did we learn?

What went well?

What can/could be done better differently?


How did we work as SALT team?

GROUP 1: Nurses Community at B&B Hospital


  • Dual Assessment (Win-win situation)

We were defining our position in our CLC learning and their too. So both of us were learning.

  • Started on time


  • Time Management


We adopted the situation because some of us came earlier in SALT visit site and we were engaging our community by doing ieraction. In the mean time, we were communicating with CLC members to know where they reached. However it will be good to arrive all members’ exacty on the planned time.

S- Stimulate





  • Shared experiences by contextualizing (where are we now & where do we want to be)
  • Dream Building

We listen more. One of us was going through a little bit judgemental way (quesntioning like: Are you really doing handwashing everytime? tell honestly…..). However, we diverted that scenario in another ways without distrubing the environment and embarrassing our team member. So good team work and team learning was there.

  • Flow of positive vibes

We started from strength (are they using gloves are they doing hand washing, and what are they proud of…..). They were sharing: I want to become a nurse beacus e I want to support others; we want to apply universal precautions not only to protect ourselves but others too. We created positive environement and they also felt comfortable to share their weakness as well.

  • Friendly Environment (Seat Arrangement, interactive dream building)


  • Follow up

These nurses were asking us: What is next? Are we coming back again? There we didn’t have answer but Rituu shared her facebook id and CLC nepal’s facebook and said them to join there if they wanted to learn more about CLC. We also learned that we can also give our contact detail and help them to conact us if they wanted to know more about CLC .




  • Self Assessment




  • Key Massages (we): Solution is within us.



I see (people) from Birth to Death. I am proud of being Nurse.


  • Self assessment should be done by own self
  • Rituu’s support in through out the process
  • Time Management
  • We only practice (L) SAT was from Rituu

Since this was the first SALT visit in the community where we got an opportunty to observe Rituu’s expertise on SALT which was great learning to us. Rituu said:  It would have been much better if we were able to meet earlier and had some discussion on this SALT visit.

  • Solid waste management
  • Participatory Approach
  • Equal Participation of CLC team

It was very fruitful to see the overall leading role of Rituu in all process where we learned: how to connect SALT, indiviudal dream then common dream and then self assessment on both dreams. However we could have met earllier and had discussion on this so that we CLC participants could also play more role there.

  • Coordination of community and SALT team was mind blowing
  • Bird eats chewing gum/foil is for chewing gum

People eat chewing gum and afterwards they throw the chewing gum wihout using the foil because they do not know that the foil is for putting the chewed cum and throw away. We also learnt that birds die after eating chewin gum.

  • Dream Building (Common Dream)

Link between individual dream to common dream

  • Short & sweet Icebreaker needed

Because of time constraint we were not able to do ice breaker.

  • Silent Play


There was a good direction of this SALT Visit’s location in CLC nepal’s facebook and in the srrounding of this office which helps CLC memebers to reach there without their wasting time.

  • Dust is the major reason of air pollution
  • Interestingly presented
  • Avoid unnecessary discussion

Gender equality related issue came and because of this took little bit long time for this discussion.


  • Detergent spoils soil fertility
  • Comfort zone of the community was ensured
  • Activity was fast so need to slow down or multiple SALT visited needed

Within 2 hours we had done dream building and self assessment and worked on action plan too.




  • Communities’ member should be more in SALT practice





  • Realization of Competency
  • Using Relevant example
  • Adopting according to the situation

Sharing personal story touched the heart of every one. CLC paricpants were sharing their some pesonal story with the students on how their parents are/were treating them as a girl and boy.


We realized that issue of early marriage was not their real problem and so they couldn’t share their views and stories on this from their hearts. They heard this issue  from the television


In self assessment, giving an example of tooth brush and then connecting that with common dream was really great learning especially on how to connect from individual dream to common dream.

  • Team work


Some of the team memebers reached there earlier and were engaging students by playing and doing interaction with them.









We need to meet all the teams together and have preparation in team before starting SALT


No symapathy, feeling of WE. We can’t be personal unless we have patience. It is not necessary to be always energetic. We should have sense of balance in energy.


Boys were talking more. We could have beed divided in two groups first and then come together again.


We had some body movement game for ice-breaker while we were waiting for other CLC team. There, girls were feeling uncomfortable to perform that body movement game. We learned we should think about our cultural issues.Sustainable change takes time.



13 yrs old boy was cooking food at home every morning before coming to school. His younger sister was in private school and he was in government school. These children mentioned that 28 -30 years is right age for marriage because they have to educate first then good job and then only marriage. Thoughts of these kids opened our mind.



We Listen

We Encourage

We Share

We also Learn


  • Our community realized level of competency



  • Sharing personal stories



  • Our community invited for the next visit

Students were curious toward us and were requesting us to visit there again.




  • Managing situations






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Comment by Radhika Ghimire on September 23, 2013 at 7:47pm

Hemendra Bhai: How can i miss you guys??? Pls. re look. You will find GREEN WATCH (group 2) between 1 and 3.

Comment by Hemendra Chaudhary on September 20, 2013 at 4:46pm

Where's GROUP 2, Radhika dee??

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on September 19, 2013 at 9:37pm

Three SALT visits back -to-back with three communities- Nurses, teenagers and those working in green economy- remembering how we facilitated the self assessment and learned as  a team. Thanks Radhika for capturing it.


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