Learning from own History and Celebrating Progress; A case for Rwanda Genocide.

Learning from our History,

The week long Visit to Rwanda during the Genocide memorial week/GLOCON had a huge learning experience for me. In their journey(Rwandes), one of learning from their History to make a bright future - was symbolic and its meaning was profound. People working half day and participating in community conversations in the later part of the afternoons through to the wee hours of the evenings.

Indeed, the Country is not static, but making huge progress towards healing and reconciliation. On the tuesday afternoon, Ian invited me to accompany him during a visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial,. A memorial site, an archive, but a centre for seeking solitude. As we walked round through the quite rooms,with our eyes glue on the wall full of images and phrases drawn from Tutsi/Utu Genocide history, i was really touched and began to reflect on a few questions that could deepen and enhance learning from this experience?

  1. What are the strengths for enhancing peace in Rwanda?
  2. What are the common practices for sustaining peace, healing and reconciliation and preventing recurrence of conflicts or civil unrest?
  3. What advice could we borrow from Rwanda?
  4. What is the big dream for Healing and Reconciliation in our Country?


I am just thankful for the chance, and an opportunity to reflect deeper into this!


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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on April 17, 2012 at 7:34pm

Onesmus, its interesting to see that Rwanda is holding community conversations for peace and reconciliation. Were these formal meetings or were conversations happening informally in community settings? If so the latter what is motivating them to meet and discuss?


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