Lafu village takes responsibility for healthy lifestyle

I am working with NGO MAMTA for healthrise program supported by ABT associates and funded by Medtronic philanthropy.Through SALT and CLCP we are trying to motivate patients to respond to hypertension and diabetes. I saw the following changes after CLCP in Patient Support in Kafu, Theog, India.

I have seen a lot of change in people of Lafu village in response to diabetes and hypertension and prevention of these diseases.

Panchayat secretary and health worker provide information to villagers including children
Panchayat (local government unit) secretary and health worker now keep 15 mins in each Panchayat meeting on providing health information to villagers.
They also hold a monthly health awareness in the village school assembly for children and also invite women to this meeting.

Families of patients and stakeholders grow green leafy vegetables
One family of a patient, secretary of Self Help group and Anganwadi helper have begun to grow green leafy vegetables. They used to grow vegetables but not green leafy vegetables. They decided this in their action planning in Patient Support Group (PSG) meeting to provide organic home grown green vegetables for better health.
Patient led action to hypertension and diabetes
Patients have begun to exercise and do yoga. I had to remind them for health check. But now patients go themselves for check up every month.
My learning as a facilitator
Now people are taking responsibility that its our work and we have to do it. To build this ownership, we have to develop a relation with the community. For this we have go ignite their strengths. When people realise their strengths, they take responsibility, they become aware on their won and also stimulate others. This is what I have understood through facilitation of SALT and CLCP.

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Comment by Phil on August 24, 2018 at 1:21pm


It is good to see the local government officials recognise that they can do different things or can do things in a different way. 

The vegetables look excellent. 



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