Just a simple stimulation and appreciation helped me to become the 'President of Nari Saksham'- Baby

During theSALT visits in Rajamundry in the month of November 2010, Baby, President of Nari Saksham shares her story to stimulate sex workers to talk. I am glad to share this simple but very inspiring story.

Baby is a very simple and shy woman hailing from a small village in Rajamundry. She has been in sex work profession for the past 20 years and is just a literate. She happened to attend one of the meetings facilitated by K.Padmavathy, Manager-Capacity building. Baby introvert by nature and is hesitant to talk. She used to sit in a corner listening very attentively. When Padmavathy posed a question, and stimulated the group to answer, Baby gave a very meaninful and thoughtful answer. Padmavathy instantly appreciated her with a big clap for the good answer and enouraged her to speak more often. This encouragement given by Padmavathy helped her to share her views boldly. Slowly and steadily she started expressing her views and in the process gained the confidence of the community.

When Nari Saksham was due for electing their leaders, the community nominated her to stand as the President. Baby got elected as the 'President' with a thumping majority. As a president she is a source of inspiration for many local CBOs. She said that I am in this position because of the encouragement given by Padmavathy. She says 'Like me, each one of you have the potential to become great leaders, hence be bold to share your views'.

Just a two weeks later, during the community action day with FSWs and MSM CBOs on 6th December 2010, Padmavathy shares the story of Baby with CBO leaders and the programme managers. She suggests the Programme Managers to give space and encourage the community to talk to nurture great leaders.

Thanks to Baby for sharing this story and thanks to Padmavathy for making a great leader.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on December 14, 2010 at 1:10pm

Baby, President, Nari Saksham who has inspired so many others in the community.

Comment by Laurence Gilliot on December 13, 2010 at 2:46pm

Great story Anthony. This shows how important it is for us facilitators to appreciate everyone's contribution. 

Thanks to Baby for inspiring us with her story...


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