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SALT activity was conducted on the brick kiln project at Ankli at Sangli.

Teenagers do not want to participate in our acitivities. When we invited them they refused to come. 

We convinced them. We held the meeting using different skills. In this meeting, girls and teachers were introduced. The girls were paired and given different tasks.

Informed about the sharing in Salt and asked them to ask what work they are proud of. After that the girls and teachers started expressing their views. The girls loved this activity so much that their good qualities and skills began to help. Some of the girls told stories that made them feel very good. *One girl sang in a very beautiful voice. One boy made out the sounds of different animals (that boy can't speak).* It was not expected that these girls would participate so much after the end of the activity but some of the girls became very talkative. *Some became very emotional and even started crying.* Even girls who did not participate in the beginning became involved in the process. They and I enjoyed this activity. They linvited us to speak with them again.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on March 18, 2022 at 10:31am

Thanks a lot Abhijeet for posting this experience. It was a great pleasure to meet you.

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