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Human rights film fest in Mumbai takes on a gamut of bêtes noires from violence, fundamentalism and corruption to gender discrimination and homophobia


FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival returns to Mumbai for its second year with a collection of volatile and incisive human rights films from India and around the world.


Following on the highly successful and impactful first edition, the 2nd FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival will be held from Dec 7th – 10th, 2011 at Alliance Française de Bombay.


This year the festival will screen 18 films that take a critical and empathetic look at several human rights issues – from religious fundamentalism, communal violence, political authoritarianism, war crimes, homophobia, surrogacy, migrant rehabilitation, women empowerment, corruption and poverty.


The films shine a harsh beam on human rights violations in, as diverse countries as, Kenya, Senegal, Columbia, Israel, Iraq, Kurdistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, USA and India.


This year, for the first time, the festival screens six films that are set in India focusing on human rights issues and human right defenders – Firaaq, Mee Sindutai Sakpal, Cotton For My Shroud, Made In India, In Search Of My Home and Pink Saris


While six of the films have been curated from the Movies That Matter (Netherlands) program, two from Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival, two by guest curator Paul Lee (Canada), rest of the films are handpicked by FLASHPOINT’s festival director Sridhar Rangayan.


Rangayan says, “The festival is an attempt to highlight issues and initiate a dialogue. The first step towards fighting human rights violation is creating awareness. Only when someone knows there is a problem, can one raise a voice and ignite change. Entry to the festival is free and there is no need for pre-registration. We want everyone to be able to see the films and participate in the discussions.”


2nd FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival is organized by Solaris Pictures in collaboration with Movies That Matter and Alliance Française de Bombay.


The festival will be inaugurated on December 7th by noted filmmaker and activist Mahesh Bhatt and eminent actress Tisca Chopra. The inauguration will be followed by screening of the French film ‘MIRAL’ starring Freida Pinto, a drama centered on an orphaned Palestinian girl growing up in the wake of Arab-Israeli war who finds herself drawn into the conflict.


Says Mahesh Bhatt, “When empathy erodes from our society evil walks tall. I am certain that these deeply felt films made by these brave film makers and which deal with the issue of man's brutality to man, will jolt us all and make us take note of the suffering we unleash on our fellow human beings. Flashpoint Human Rights Film Festival for me is like a solitary lamp in this dark night. It will ignite hope in the hopeless.”


Tisca Chopra feels, “For any change to be lasting and genuine. I believe it is crucial that we turn our gaze inward. Legal institutions guarantee ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ but the world today is proof that these are by no means enough. The Flashpoint film festival is brilliant, in that it brings together films that inspire thought and inner change. Cinema has the power needed to inspire that change in the individual.”


The first day focuses on films that deal with communal and political violence, along with a panel discussion in the evening ‘Roots of War – political and communal divisiveness’. This will be followed by the screening of Nandita Das’ award winning film Firaaq, with the cast in attendance.


Nandita Das says, “For me a film is not an end in itself. It is a means to stir a dialogue about our own fears, prejudices and responses to violence. So I am happy that Firaaq is being screened at the FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival this week. Even after three years, I think the film is as relevant and a dialogue about communal violence as important, in today’s time too”


The second day, coinciding with the International Anti-Corruption Day, focuses on films that deal with human rights issue arising out of autocracy, government inefficiency and corruption which leads to the evening panel discussion ‘Roots of Corruption – human rights implications’


The third and final day, coinciding with the International Human Rights Day, will screen films on violence against women and sexual minorities. The evening panel discussion ‘Roots of Violence – sexual and bodily inflictions’ will talk about genital mutilation and homophobic violence.


“But all the films are not dark, broody and violent. There are also films that highlight the amazing work done by human rights defenders, who are not necessarily a superman or a superwoman, but mere ordinary people who take a stand that enough is enough and I’ve to stand up and fight injustice. They offer hope that change is possible and each one of us can be a ‘flashpointer’ for change”, says Rangayan.


The second leg of FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival will be held in New Delhi from February 3rd - 5th in collaboration with Movies That Matter, Alliance Franciase de Delhi and Ramon Productions.




For more details about the festival and complete schedule visit





Alliance Francaise de Bombay

40, New Marine Lines Road 

Mumbai 400020

Phone: 022 2203 5993



Festival Contact:


FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival

Phone: 2861 8239




Festival Director: Sridhar Rangayan




Alliance Francaise de Bombay

40, New Marine Lines Road 

Mumbai 400020

Phone: 022 2203 5993



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