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HIV/AIDS Seminar coupled with SALT and ACP in Region 2-the RICE Producing Region of Guyana-ESSEQUIBO!

Commissioner Cole ans Son visited Region 2 to facilitate a HIV/AIDS Seminar which included SALT and ACP. The Participants were all Male and they hailed from Leguan, Wakenaam, Bartica (Region 7), Anna Regina which are different areas in Region 2 except for Bartica which is located in Region 7. Being the lone female facilitating a session with an all male group was a significant challenge given the fact that Men prefer to talk sex with Men only! However, Commissioner Cole rose to the occasion and challenged herself to deliver what was a 'sterling' performance! The Men were not shy as it relates to the speaking about sex however they were 'condom shy' when it came to demonstrating how to use the male condom. (only two males out of ten participated in the condom demonstration). Modules 1-3 was introduced to the participants who shared their experiences about what they knew about the 'power of the local response to HIV/AIDS. SALT and Dream Building was the most intriguing session since drawing the individual dream took these men back to Nursery school days; they indeed appeared to be enthused about this exercise. Drawing the Group Dream brought them together for one common cause which is to envision a Dream of their Community being 'AIDS Competent'. Most of the Male participants AGREED that they would help the person/persons living with HIV to remain focus on life and living and they would also help that person to gain employment, and show them love and care.

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Comment by Nicole Rhonda Cole on June 25, 2011 at 2:53am
I simply plan my sessions around the AIDS Competency Process Rituu and since SALT and Dream Building is relatively new knowledge in Guyana then its a great opportunity when I'm conducting a Seminar to fuse ACP and HIV together because the two are 'inextricably' linked; people who are infected with HIV and those who are not can come together for one common good and that is making the community in which they reside in AIDS Competent. They must be able to respond to someone in need of care and support in their community hence my 'fusion' of SALT and HIV Awareness information sharing.
Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on June 24, 2011 at 4:53pm

Dear Nicole,


Thanks for sharing. I like the way you have been incorporating SALT in your work. How  have you been able to do this? Would like to learn from you.





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