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Help for Ashiana foundation in work with MSM community

ASHIANA FOUNDATION [AF] is an community based organization (CBO) working with MSM/TG & HIZRAS.

Currently Working Voluntary Activities by AF


  1. Mobile Exhibition: Organization organized mobile exhibitions with the help of their community. They made people aware about HIV/AIDS/STD & try to remove their myths & misconceptions.


  • Motivate them for regular use of condom at each & every time of practicing sex.
  • Tried to aware them about Integrated counseling & Testing Center.
  • Motivate them to visit ICTC centers.
  • They also motivate the people for demonstrate condom for getting the feedback.



Along with this the Flip book in which various Diseases , Diagnosis, Myths and Doubts, Factors and Causes of AIDS are elaborated and Discussed for the awareness of general Masses for the prevention of STD/AIDS.


 2.   Vocational Training for MSM community :-

The Society is running Vocational Training in two trades i.e. beauty center and dance training. These training are helping the community getting a job and also self employment.


 3.    Health Camps and aids Awareness Programmers:-

Aids is the most dangerous ill in this world. The Society has organized the camps in the different areas about the awareness of Aids. In the delhi area of of  seelampur, jafrabad,sunder nagri, harsh vihar,gokul puri, bhajanpura ,khjuri, usmanpur, shastri park, welcome there a lot of poor person who can spend more money for their health so we arranged the monthly free check-up camp are very useful for these people. The (AF) is working with the sex worker in the near by areas, and educating the sex workers regarding the dangerous AIDS.

 4.  Family Counseling Programmers:-

 The Society has organized a camp to teach the families about their and duties, the families are now aware about their duties & rights.


Others Activities

Broad Mapping :- Broad mapping facilitates participants understand geographic and social networks of Community and advantages and disadvantages associated with both.


DIC :-

Ashiana foundation has established the DIC for target community in the heart of the intervention area and after the discussion with target community so that the target community easily reaches at the DIC to the access the facilities available for them there.

DIC has been covering many hot spots  As we call safe or free space for community where, they could enjoy with some entertainment games like  Carom,Ludo,Badminton and other games. Sometime volunteers held an educational and entrainment session with them.



Each person requires new skills to changes in individual behavior, and also in organizational behavior, in terms of systems, structures, pro   cedures, culture, strategies and decision-making. Capacity building focuses on creating networks and strategies to transform systems at all levels, to create new ways of organizing and new ways of thinking about economic, social and political relationships.AF organize the four small capacity building training in DIC with volunteers and community members.

Finally, we would like to say that most of these works have been performed without any fund.

But all work is carried out in cooperation Ashiana members together.

Request all of you to help you much more than that so we all Ashiana forces the community to deliver the features anymore.

Thank You



(Ashiana Foundation)

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on November 14, 2012 at 1:04pm

Thanks for sharing the work of Ashiana Foundation. How have you been able to do most of your work without funds? Would like to learn from your experience.

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