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Grandest Challenge: Taking Life Saving Science from Lab to Village

9780385667180 cover coverbookpage The Grandest Challenge: Taking life saving Science from Lab to VillageIt is hard to fathom that a society could exist whereby one population can expect to live into their eighties, whilst another population would expect to live only till their forties.

It is this shameful and disturbing reality which authors of ‘The Grandest Challenge – Taking life saving science from lab to vil...’, Canadian doctors Dr Abdallah Daar and Dr Peter Singer refuse to accept.

“Does it really have to be this way?” They ask,  “Is there any solid evidence to suggest that life expectancy in some places must necessarily be shorter than in others? And is a life in the developed world really more valuable than the life of someone living in a poorer region?- Absolutely not”

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Comment by Gaston on December 13, 2011 at 9:39am

Interesting. In addition, I think there is also a point in taking life-saving village wisdom back to the lab and to the policy table. The knowledge from local experience is often underused. If we could get both 'grand challenges' to work together, some interesting progress could take place...

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