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"Get an education" ...traditon v technology and emotions

"Autry, can you come early, like one hour before so that we can prepare? would like to put somethings on powerpoint.." Piriscilla. "Okay.." said Autry. I always keep an open mind. In fact a colleague and me had a conversation on almost similar subject only recently. How does our way of working with only paper, markers etc fit in today's hi-tech world? How do we balance our traditional way of doing things with the fast-paced world, especially with a younger generation that is 'addicted' to this world? Must say sometimes I contemplate powerpoint as well (^_^). So, now I wanted to experience what I am about to experience. Assurance of the need was that the community forms part of a Poverty Eradication Network cell and some people may not be able to read and / nor write but will be able to communicate with pictures / drawing.

We arrived early to set up our technology, laptop and projector after the pleasantries, introduction of SALT by powerpoint, said to myself "okay!" Autry was introduced. I had mentioned quietly to the third member [Yumella] of our party, the chairs should have been in a circular arrangement. Her response, "well lets get them to do it." Then, as I would usually do, adjust what we plan to do. I appreciated everyone [approximately 25 adults and 10 children] for making the effort to come out for this event. "I would like to begin 'your tasting SALT' with a question, what are you most proud of? think for a moment and I would like you have a conversation of this question in groups?" The intention was to change the seating arrangements, THEN the electricity went. Thanks to technology, many persons in the room had portable with torch, within seconds there was enough light to continue the conversation in the groups. It was then I realized that the children was in a group by themselves with an adult.

The feedback in the dim-lighted room was remarkable. We asserted that 'you are truly proud of who you are, since each group had similar indicators of what you are proud of."

The Are you human and why? as well as the 'Paper Pull" exercises were conducted in the semi-lighted condition with zero impact as to positive responses from the community members.

The next exercise was the "concerns and hopes" THEN appeared the electricity (^_^). On the 'heart shaped' paper individuals expressed one concern and one hope. The NOW well-lit room was gripped with silence, listening attentively, appreciation and support as hearts were poured out with respect to concerns and hopes. "I am a proud step-mom of two children[late teens / early adult] and I would do anything to give my children an education. I cannot read and every time I have to travel it is a concern because I cannot read the signs on the buses to know which one to join based on where I want to go. Please get an education she implored!" In tears the two young people supported their mom  and shared their concern and hope. 

On the 'Paper Pull' exercise one child response on what does this exercise mean for you? "it teaches us that it is easy to break something but not easy to put back." Another individual "It teach me that we should think twice before we do something especially negative things.

The AER was met with similar emotional sharing and invitation to continue with SALT.

.....and this is why I appreciate SALT (^_^)

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