For the world to live in LOVE; don't discriminate"

It was time for the “Dream building” session with the trainees of the Police Force training school of which there were two batches, No. 91 and No. 94. Two days of exercises related to HIV/AIDS has always been allocated to the entire training programme. A SALT visit to conduct dream building was part of the two days session. But one could imagine the setting, a regimental batch of trainees. On arrival to the venue, they were already gathered and on introduction, the greeting was “Good morning sir!” These were young males and females pursuing their dream as police men and women and I could envision tenseness in the room and realized that an “Ice breaker” would be appropriate. I was temped to tell them relax but refrained since I thought that because of their training that would not release the tension they were feeling. I offered a joke and asked for one in reply. Almost in unison, everyone called on one of their colleague. The mood changed with the laughter.

My colleagues and I invited the trainees to share their hopes and concern, which they did enthusiastically. Then the actual time for building dreams, where the 48 trainees were divided into six groups and each group member was asked to write their own dream. The individual dreams were share with group members then each group was asked to illustrate the group’s dream in drawing. One trainee feedback: “When you see me in’t feel sleepy know that this session was interesting.” This was a trainee known to be nodding off to sleep during the classroom sessions and not once in a while but had become a frequent feature and was popular among the trainees. The surprise for us was when the trainees requested to keep the drawings and sought the permission of their supervisor permission to put them up where they can regularly see them and be reminded about the dreams the formulated together. Then the trainees also requested the team of Facilitators to return to conduct other HIV sessions with them.

Everyone expressed meaningful association with the dream “For the world to live in love; don’t discriminate” with a BIG drawn heart and LOVE written in it.


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Comment by Jean-Louis Lamboray on July 10, 2010 at 9:36pm

don't forget to show connect wiht the police in Cambodia!

Many thanks Autry!

Comment by Gaston on July 10, 2010 at 6:44pm
After talking with you and the team last Thursday, I am even more impressed by this dream building exercise with the policy. Great reflections. May I suggest to everybody to watch this video of the SALT visit which includes the best 'energizer' I have learnt as a facilitator so far. It's called 'Paula has the ball' :)
Comment by Lorna Harry on July 8, 2010 at 2:50am
I am happy to add that the two days of learning with the the aspiring police men and women, 32 males and 2 females requested know their HIV status. 7 females, 5 not part of the training also requested for arrangements to be made for them to be screened for cervical cancer (pap smear) as a result of discussions during the training on sexually transmitted diseases. This indeed was also great achievement and testimony that the training certainly did impact their lifes in a positive way.
Comment by Michael Mc Garrell on July 7, 2010 at 7:47pm
I wish i wa there wit you Autry and team, i really could not make it. I am happy that the excercise was successful.. Cheers Mate!!!
Comment by Olivia Munoru on July 6, 2010 at 11:51am
I am so happy you shared this story Autry. I can just imagine how things changed from regimental to relaxed - and how this must have been a welcome new atmosphere for this group. I like what they said about love. Next time I find myself thinking discriminatory thoughts, I will remember their advice.......


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