Dreaming with the community we'd like to live in

On december 10th, a small group gathered in Barcelona to dream about the kind of community we would like to live in. It was a small group but dreams were powerful and stimulating. Full of creativity and energy.


We started the meeting a bit late because there were only us there, the team of BarnaCompetence, so fear that none of the persons we invited will show up crawled up in our hearts. But slowly, some started to appear and that starting nervousness became confidence and good vibes after some time.


With the checking of our 'weather inside' we invested some time in getting to know each other a bit better and then we begin to reflect individually about our dream for the community. Many people decided to illustrate their dream with a drawing and others preferred to only use words to describe it. In a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, we shared our individual dream and we ended up submerging ourselves in a shared dream which we found hard leave.


We dreamt of a community flowing like a river, with its bends and meanders, where people live in harmony and equality despite our differences: many colours combined to form another colour even more beautiful. And if our community achieves that, then the rest of the world can do it. We dreamt of a community also living in harmony with the environment and other species to conform a system larger that the earth itself.


In our community, people is free but it is interconnected at the same time. We give and receive. We learn from each other and from the community we get the knowledge to keep growing. We grow expanding like trees, allowing the roots to get strong and the branches evenly deployed to give support to future generations, which will feed the roots in turn.


We dreamt of a community where there is kindness and genuine love, with no dependencies. Where people are kind and each child is raised with the support of a family. Where we take care of others and we feel well cared for.


We dreamt of a community where we take the time to know each other, without haste, to develop deep and sincere relationships. Where we create spaces to relate, talk and have fun, enjoy life outdoors, with plenty of greenery, flowers, trees, parks.


This small session was like a breath of fresh air after a busy period surrounding 1st December formal activities. And we feel confident that it will be a starting point for broader community discussions in a society where 'community' needs to be profoundly explored and redefined.

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Comment by Kicki Oljemark on January 14, 2011 at 9:27pm


What a wonderful description from your community dream. It is always inspiring to share the energy from building dreams of the future. "In the speeed of imagination" we start to feel and live the things we imagine. It is very powerful and I believe and hope that there will be a lot of strenghsbased community work in the future, involving people in their own dreams, building on strenghts and encouraging actions towards the dreams.


Every step is important to create the world we wold want to live in. Now you have spread this vision with us and it gave me more energy and hope for the future. We are all in this together. Sunshine from Kicki and Sweden

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on January 14, 2011 at 10:15am

Dear Marion,


Thanks for posting the beautiful community dream. The life is so rushed and we don't have time to even talk to each other. We need to fix appointments weeks in advance to meet our friends.  Its true for any big city in the world. I met my group of friends after nearly a year and  we vowed that we would meet more often.

I enjoyed the beautiful drawings. Please convey my appreciation to your team.




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