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Digitizatied Training Materials for Community Health Workers/Paramedical Staff

On February 4th 2015, Netherlands Leprosy Relief Foundation, launched LepClips at Hotel Royal Palza, New Delhi. 

“LepClips” are short films (video clips) on different aspects of leprosy. At present there are 10 video clips each of 5-7 minutes duration, prepared in English and Hindi.


Why these “LepClips”

Inadequate training and untrained staff leads to late case detection and poor case management of leprosy leading to disabilities, stigma & discrimination. There is a felt need of quick and user friendly learning material to facilitate training and self-learning of large number of paramedical & general health care staff in leprosy. Considering above mentioned points and to facilitate the training of large number of untrained staff, an innovative initiative was taken by NLR Foundation to develop short films on different topics of leprosy, labeled as ‘LepClips’. Video based learning is seen in other programs but not introduced in leprosy program of India.

The foreseen advantages of ‘LepClips’ are:

  • training of large number of trainees simultaneously and in short time,
  • less number of trainers required,
  • less resources (time, money and material) required,
  • better learning through visuals of skin lesions, reactions etc. 
  • easy access to knowledge & skills related to leprosy via web site, YouTube and distant Learning techniques.

Target groups using or benefiting from these video clips will be medical professionals, peripheral health staff, medical students, private practitioners, policy makers, media, volunteers and community members or anyone who wants to self-learn or wants to know facts of leprosy, etc.

 Plans ahead:             

These video clips will serve as audiovisual aid, in formal & informal leprosy trainings, and in awareness generation. They will be:

  • Disseminated widely in the form of DVDs to Central Leprosy Division, 36 states and UTs, 4 Central leprosy Institutes, ILEP partners, training centers and other NGOs for formal training
  • Uploaded on YouTube, NLR website, other social media for self-learning

After we have tested them thoroughly and if found to be appropriate, distance learning program could be made on a specially created website wherein arrangements may be made for self-driven pre and post-test, with facility of interactive learning

Watch complete documentary on YouTube: (Hindi & English) 

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