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Community response to Ebola is essential to save lives

This was the conversation we had on facebook and I'm sharing here. I shared an example of community responding to Ebola which sparked a conversation and we all concluded that engaging communities in response to Ebola is critical to saving lives.

Here is S.A.L.T. Rituu At Constellation, am I wrong?

22-year-old Fatu Kekula nursed her entire family through Ebola. See how she kept three alive while protecting herself against infection.CNN.COM|BY ELIZABETH COHEN, SENIOR MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT
  • Rituu At Constellation Yes wonderful, communities taking action on Ebola. We are collecting experiences on Ebola, would you like to share here cc Marlou de Rouw
  • Marlou de Rouw "Essentially this is a tale of how communities are doing things for themselves," Crowe said. "Our approach is to listen and work with communities and help them do the best they can with what they have."
  • Hopam Weber Hodjo I can understand what you mean Marlou, but I strongly think that the best way to make communities believe in their capacity should be sharing tales like this one. Ho can you motivate people without any success story Marlou? May be we're not talking about the same approach. My Community strengths based approach needs listening and sharing of positive achievement. Thank you by th way Marlou
  • Tetevi St Azevodoua One of the problem in the entire Africa is that this NGOs want to help so bad that they don't listen to the community, they bring thier "best" solution forgetting that they are unable yo cover all the spot with the equipment they have. This nurse is a smart lady. I bet you if she presented this approach, they will shut her down without trying it. Good thinking out of the box. 
    Supportons la.
  • Hopam Weber Hodjo Thank you Tetevi St Azevodoua, you've said almost everything. We need mind change that can allow self-reliance and self-confidence on communities inner strengths. optimism is allowed all over the world!
  • Marlou de Rouw Hi Hopam! The quote I gave comes from the article, it isnot mine . I thought there was a refereshing element... that is missing in the current global response: appreciation of communities strenghts. In the Constellation our way of working is SALT. Which stands for Support, Appreciate, Learn and Transfer. But the S is also for share and the L is also for link. And love. So may be we are talking the same thing but in different words . In this specific case Appreciating the strength of the local response and sharing the good practice so that it can be applied... Be well!
  • Hopam Weber Hodjo Thanks Marlou de Rouw. I can be then happy for having contribute on something. Keep touch for a better world with Constellation!
  • Rituu At Constellation This is a great conversation. May I urge you Hopam Weber Hodjo to share this as a blog in Constellation community so that others can learn from it? I can help you with the posting. Tetevi, we, NGOs have to learn to believe in community potential and let go the control.

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Comment by khorchi laurie on October 8, 2014 at 10:31pm

Thank you Hodjo for sharing this conversation with us!

I'm glad to see the involvement of the the whole community of the Constellation on the Ebola competence. 

Hope that our message would be heard by NGO's and International organisations and they will add the community mobilisation in they response to Ebola!



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