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Community Action Day with Dimapur youth

People in Need Foundation (PNF) and Youngs club in Dimapur, Nagaland, India organised Community Action day with the local youth. The youth were given orientation on Community Life competence Process, they built their dreams and made action plans.

Date: 28th November 2010
Venue : PNF, Conference Hall, Dimapur, Nagaland, India
Organized by PNF and Youngs Club, Dimapur
Total No. of Participants: - 24
Facilitators - Fr. Joe Namgkhuchung(PNF, Dimapur)
Bijoya (Program Manager)
Jacinta Telen (Secretary, PNF)
Jenpu Rongmei (President, Youngs Club, Dimapur)

The day’s program began with mass prayer and welcome address by Fr. Joe. It was followed by introduction of the facilitators, and participants.

Discussion on basics of HIV and related issues
By Jacinta Telen.

Why are we here today?
The participants then shared the reason for their presence in the Orientation Training on ACP/ Life Skills Competence.
1. To know more about ACP/Life skills competence.
2. To know about HIV, T.B, Malaria.
3. To learn more about the preventive measures of HIV.

The participants were then divided into groups of four in which each shared something valuable about himself /herself.
The participants from each group were asked to draw, what they wanted to do for their community. Each group came out with different wants and dreams they wanted to do for their community.

Given below are the dream points:
1. Unity among the community.
2. Spread the knowledge of ACP/Life skills.
3. DIC centres, health camp, form youth club.
4. Organized awareness programme on HIV
5. Social awareness on Drugs/alcohol
6. To encourage recreational activities, like football and indoor games to the youth and community.
7. Clean and healthy environment in their respective colonies and community.
8. Village development.
9. Self responsibility for community.
10.Community counseling centre’s.
11. Unity and understanding.

Lunch Break

Self Assessments Session was facilitated by Jacinta Telen (Secretary, PNF).
After Action Review
The AAR (After Action Review) facilitated by Bejoya (Program manager)

Sharing on what they learn and experience from the Orientation Training on ACP/ Life Skills Competence.
Participants Responses:
1. Self Assessment.
2. Life Skills.
3. HCR – Human Capacity to Response.
4. Salt Visit.
5. Dream Building and Communication Skill.
6. Strategic Planning.
7. Local Response.
8. Team work – (Community Response).
9. Self Initiation.

The Community Action Day and orientation Training on ACP/ Life Skill Competence program come to an end with a short speech by Fr. Joe.

Fr.Joe : Plan activities which will make the society better.
Make good use of our education, bring changes in the place where we are staying. If we cant bring changes in the area where we are staying, what is the use of our education? Fr.Joe encouraged the Youngs Club to work harder and to bring changes through them in the society.


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Comment by Sana Meitram on December 17, 2010 at 11:39am

Very great news. That what we have learnt from the youth.

 Congratulation to all.




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