We had a very successful Learning event for 10 facilitators in Community Life Competence Process in Uganda with a special attention on including older people in HIV/AIDS response in our communities. The team was introduced to the practice of SALT as way of working and dream building. From the comments of participants, it was a life changing event. 'One participant, an older person living with HIV commented that all along he was waiting for support to come from out side so that he can do something for himself but with the skills in CLCP he has realised that he has the potential to help himself'.

Participants being briefed by Ricardo Walters during a SALT Visit in a local Community of Katabi. One of the participants as sent us an email thus 


"Dear Ricardo Walters, 

 Hope this finds you well. For sure, Community Life Competence Workshop was such an eye-opener towards responding to local community issues especially Older Persons and those under their care and I believe the knowledge and skills acquired will help us create an HIV&AIDS Competent Society and with SALT approach, we'll ably facilitate communities to build their own dreams. 

Community Life Competence (CLC) Process will help us as community facilitators in our own work with communities in Uganda to stimulate, to support and to transfer their response to HIV&AIDS through identification and stimulation of the strengths of our people in their local communities and the workshop therefore, challenged us as facilitators to help build communities that are HIV&AIDS Competent and as workers in communities, in organizations and in policy making we'll act from strength: (a) to acknowledge the reality of HIV&AIDS (b) to build our capacity to respond (c) to reduce our vulnerability and risk (d) to allow everyone to live to their full potential and (e) to share our experience with others. The Ugandan Community Life Competence Facilitation Team formed which includes URAA, Elders Concern Uganda (ECU), Health Nest Uganda (HENU) and Representatives of Older Persons at Local Community will stimulate the strength of the local communities to build their dreams and our team is also intended for further stimulation of the communities’ strength, learning and sharing".

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Comment by Jean-Louis Lamboray on January 24, 2012 at 3:13pm

Congratulations to all involved. Imagine, a world where each person can fully realize his or her potential!


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