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Bold sex worker from a small village overcomes Intimate Partner Violence with the help of JLMM-CBO

Bujji, a member of Jhansi Lakshmi Mahila Mandali (JLMM) promoted by CERA-NGO based at Ananthapure shares her journey of overcoming intimate partner violence with the help of CBO and police personnel.


Bujji hails from a small village in Ananthapure district from a big lower middle class family of four elder brothers and three elder sisters. At the age of 14 she falls in love trap  of a handsome boy ‘Raju’ from a small town. Bujji by then was lured into sex work and her lover is more than happy to accept knowing her identity. Bujji overwhelmed with the acceptance shown gave away whatever she earned to Raju. It is a daily routine for Bujji to give away whatever she has earned to Raju. She tolerated physical, emotional and economic abuse just because she loved him whole heartedly and he has been an emotional security for her in the public.


Though she tolerated all kinds of abuse, she could not digest when she learnt about Raju falling in love with another girl. Having realized evil thought of Raju, she has approached JLMM to help her get married with Raju. JLMM called Raju and convinced him to marry Bujji. Bujji was very happy to have found evidence for her marriage. Even after marriage he continued to live luxuriously on the earnings of Bujji. Meanwhile Raju continued to trap a college girl from a middle class family. Knowing this Bujji became furious and took the support of JLMM to help her take action against Raju. Bujji with the help of JLMM first approached the girl and explained what she has gone through with Raju. The girl sensed the threat and after confessing her story with parents saved her self from Raju’s trap.


Bujji did not stop with this. She went ahead and booked a cheating case against Raju. She stated having given about 9 lakhs to Raju during the last 7 years. Bujji is now married to a constable and is living a peaceful life with her kid and husband. She has been thankful to JLMM for its support all through her journey.


However Raju did not stop baiting; he has trapped another girl in sex work profession. Bujji continues to share her story with many girls like her with a hope that they will learn a lesson from her story and save themselves from such baits. Bujji poses a question to fellow sex workers. Why should we go through emotional, physical and economic abuse by our partners just for the sake of small emotional security? Cannot we stand on our own without that and save whatever we earn for ourselves and live happily?


Thanks Bujji for sharing your heart touching story. May many sex workers learn a lesson from your story and stand on their own. Thanks to JLMM for standing by her all through her journey.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on February 20, 2011 at 11:18pm
This is a very powerful story of courage. Thanks Anthony.

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