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'As You Open Your Eyes'; a series of films

The Constellation and Visual Development have produced a series of five short films that present different stories of community change. Each episode tells the story of one community with both the beautiful and painful aspects that sit at the heart of community change.

‘One of Us’ tells how the community of Ta Wang Tan in Northern Thailand dealt with the challenge of AIDS. One of Us shows the sustainability of the Constellation approach. It also has an example of appreciation that is so gentle that it is easy to miss yet has a life changing impact. One of Us.

‘Waste Time’ tells how the people of Saparua are finding solutions to the problem of plastic. Waste Time shows how building a community around an evolving dream is a complex and, sometimes, a confusing process.  Waste Time

‘The Match of Our Lives’ tells how football training makes a group of young footballers in Mauritius fit for life. In the film, we see the challenges of holding a community together. The Match of Our Lives

‘Dancing Jajas’ tells how older persons in Entebbe, Uganda are using their talents and experiences to live their lives with dignity. I can only admire how simple they make things seem. Dancing Jajas

‘Dare’ tells how a community of families and friends in France work their way towards a shared dream. The film shows the power of the dream to hold us together through the inevitable challenges. Dare

All of the films are fascinating. All of them have much to teach us about 'communities'. And all of them are beautiful.

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