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Apply Dream Building and SALT to work with Youth issue and challenges

I have invited to conduct training to SOS Cambodia's staffs in topic of Youth issue and solution.

I decided to chose two tools from CLCP that are potential and fit to cope with this issue. The main issue is that, youth can not do right decision making in their career and drop school, poor school performance, and behavior problem.

In order to solve problem above, I have link psychology and CLCP.

Psychology: I have lectured and provide psycho-education about Youth development's stage and its challenges ( Risks and Protective factors).


Dream Building:

  • this tool could guide youth to build their personal goals or dreams and priority which one is the best.
  • then train them how to do an action plan. demonstrated what resources are needed to reach this goal or dream ( family resources, personal resources, and community resources) about their future career.
  • demonstrated to them related to short term and long term dream. 

SALT: its sound similar with counseling and positive punishment to support youth to meet their future goals and problem solving.

  • The Trainees apply this SALT method for positive encouragement, appreciation looking for strength of individual youths and stimulated them to use their strength to solve their own problem.    

The result of this training: participants reported that, these two tools very importance and new way of working with youth in challenges. 

What my concerned is that , I decided to apply CLCP tools without supervising from any supervisors. I found that, CLCP are broadly to apply for all situation. Is that right ?

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Comment by thuon nary on June 2, 2014 at 8:26pm

Dear Marlou. thanks you so much, I would be follow up with them after three month.

and also update to you.

Best regards


Comment by Marlou on June 2, 2014 at 9:20am

Hi dear! Yes, my experience is the same: CLCP can be applied in many aspects of our lives - to different issues and with different communities. Keep applying, keep learning, keep sharing!

I look forward to hear from you how those young people will go about getting closer to their dream. 

Best wishes,


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