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Since Le Pont du Tamarinier tasted SALT in April 2015, the “equal opportunity for all people” NGO has adopted SALT as a ‘Way of Thinking’ and ‘Way of Working.’ Two SALT learning events were held and in these there was inclusion of partners NGO and associates. LPDT has adopted its way of working with the three communities it is mobilizing around local response, ownership and responsibility for their own development. These engagement does not exclude youth which has established a youth club for sometime now. There were discussions about its sustainability. Francesca, a vibrant member of the LPDT team has always included SALT in her way of thinking and it was no surprise when she used AER to engage the members of the youth club in a SALTy way (^_^).

SALTy Francesca (^_^)


I remember, vividly, I was sitting in the bus heading to Quatre Bornes and there was Francesca, just after 4pm talking with youths of Carre d’As, while there two infants running to her and she engaging all, at the same time. The next day she was beaming with excitement sharing with her colleagues and me her accomplishment. Her meeting with the youth was done by applying After Experience Reflection questions, what we have learn/ what strengths we observe? and What can we do EVEN better next time or as we move forward?

In her words “We have been working with the youngsters of Carre D’as since February and it has been two months that the youngsters of Tamarinier and Boungainvillier have joined the team to work together and thus creating an opportunity to enlarge the community and also worked as one big T.E.A.M. We decided to do the AER with the team because it can help them to have positive thinking about the 6 months of the existence of the YOUTH CLUB and much more easy to evaluate the 6months works.”


The results of the AER engagement are presented below and they have agreed to do dream building on September 18, 2015:


What Strength have we observe seen we have started our YOUTH CLUB?

  1. Motivation of Youngsters
  2. Fighters in every circumstances

  3. Much more open minded

  4. Christelle is a gatherer

  5. Be able to regroup the three villages together

  6. Responsible and Capable

  7. Sharing

  8. Communication

  9. Respect

  10. Punctuality

  11. Positive atmosphere

What have we learnt since we have the Youth Club?


  1. Self esteem

  2. Take care of each other

  3. Communication

  4. There is something new that live in us and which ignite us.

  5. Village force

  6. Support each other

  7. Acceptance of each other


What could we improve or do better?


  1. More outings

  2. Food and Beverages

  3. Involve more parents in the activity

  4. Fund for the Youth club

  5. Integrate Parents for some activities or inform parents by doing meeting of parents

  6. Contribution of parents of any activities

  7. Include more village Leaders for the next outing with LPDT.

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Comment by Autry Haynes on September 18, 2015 at 12:09am

Staying committed to September 18 SALT activity, the youths of Carre d'As met and planned a one hour session for youths of Carre d'As, Tamarinier and Bourgonvillier. The intent is to stimulate youths with SALT towards local response. The agenda is as follows;

1. Welcome and do stimulating activity : Spider Web and reflection, "what does this exercise mean for us? 

2. Team Building activity lead by Delphine (New Activity: it's a drawing with words starting with Alphabet "P" and each group should have a maximum of 15 words, and reflection, "what does this exercise mean for us? 

3. Identifying Strengths (Photos)  - William then reflection,"what does this exercise mean for us? What Strength do they see in the photo + Sharing of one member of each group + as a youth group what strength to we have?

4. Hopes and Concerns - Francessca 

5. After Experience Reflection questions: What have we learnt from today's activity and how will we progress in the next step?

6. Decide on the date for the next activity of Dream Building.


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