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A SALTy dance between personal and collective

On Sunday, December 3, a dozen of participants gathered for a special exploration day. Laurie, Célicia and Nathalie had drafted an invitation to slow down and to turn our attention inwards. To go and meet our deep 'self', the one radiating our being regardless of roles or labels.

The idea was born from our intuition that the community process is highly coloured by our personal experiences. If I have the experience of formulating a dream for my life, I will contribute to the elaboration of the community dream with greater coherence, depth and commitment. Similarly for practices.

Going deep inside is a courageous and delicate act. During the exploration day, we alternated times of self-reflection and personal creation with moments of exchange in small groups or in a circle.

Our favourite approach remains the 'Circle'. A powerful format to enter gently in the heart of the matter. The presence of the participants, simply sitting in a circle, gives strength and courage to touch and express what is a stake deep inside each of us.

The appreciative attitude is essential to create a context of kindness, towards oneself as much as towards others and the world. The ‘integral appreciation’, i.e. the appreciation of what is present, without excluding anything. Shadow as much as light is acknowledged and appreciated.

A cycle is taking shape naturally, echoing CLCP. More than a cycle, it looks like a spiral, taking us deeper at every turn, from (1) the exploration of sorrows and joys – (2) to the discovery of the dream, of what is shining within me – (3) with an inquiry into the ‘absence’, the shadows, what is hindering me – (4) to finally lead to practices, simple acts of reconciliation, opening to a new range of possibilities.

This day of exploration will be followed by others. It may also lead participants to meet regularly. Physically or virtually. Should you be interested or wish to participate, please contact Célicia, Laurie or Nathalie.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on December 30, 2017 at 12:56am

I liked this The ‘integral appreciation’, i.e. the appreciation of what is present, without excluding anything. 

What helps in appreciating what is ? and moving away from being sweet and nice? Thanks Nathalie!

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