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A question to SALT How do I introduce myself to a community?

How is one to introduce herself/himself to a marginalized community, after having been introduced to SALT and advised to take the SALT approach. After initial greetings, and thanking the community members for being there, is the person to say: I am going to use the SALT approach with you…  This will help you understand yourself.


 An informal discussion with a group of community based workers led to a discussion on how they introduced themselves on their first visit to a community. This stage arrived in the discussion when some of them said that after exploring with the community what they are proud of, and what is humanity, the community asked: what do you get out of this? Interestingly, they did not know what to say; and at their informal review meeting of their field work, asked: why do we use SALT?


These workers were keen to understand what they need to do. You tell us, how we should introduce ourselves, they said. Ummm… you will need to find the answer yourself, by examining your own understanding of SALT, they were told.



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