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Some of what participants said during the Philippines ADB-NGOCompetence National Learning Event

I participated in the Philippines ADB-NGOCompetence National Learning Event in Manila during the past 2 days (15-16 Oct) and would like to share some of what participants said during the event:

"Why I'm here in this event? Because I fall in love with the AIDS Competence Process, especially the self-assessment" (Mickey, PRRM)

"ACP is the gift we give to ourselves, and to the community" (Eden, PNGOC)

"This is the most memorable seminar I've ever attended. Eastern Samar needs this kind of training. Next week I will use this approach when I facilitate a youth camp in our area... I will bring what I learn back to E.Samar because I know we can do it there too" (Abner, YESCon)

"AIDS competence has something to do with owning the dream. We have to start with ourselves" (Girlie, OWA)

"ACP is about ourselves, about enhancing our strengths and sharing them with others" (Yasmin, PNGOC)

"We are a group of positive women, who have dreams. We dream of having understanding and acceptance, respect of the right of every person, equal opportunities, and a lifetime partner... " (A member, Babae Plus)

"Earlier I learned ..about some of the tools. Now that I learn about the whole ACP and other tools, things become clearer for me and I can see how they are related to each other" (Michelle, PAFPI)

"What I've learned is that there's a lot of resources that are waiting to be tapped. We and people who live with HIV/ AIDS have been used to thinking of resources as money only. But support and acceptance are also resources in the community. Now I see that I can think of doing something without thinking where to get resources for it" (Caca, Aklan AIDS Council)

Last but not least is the remark made by Eden, director of PNGOC, the local host of the event, when she spoke of the ADB-NGOs who now proudly call themselves the Philippines National Facilitation Team: "From individual stars, we have now become a constellation!"

The Constellation should consider calling ourselves 'the Constellations' indeed, because this is what we are becoming :-)

Usa Duongsaa
Manila, 17 Oct. 08

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Comment by Gaston on October 31, 2008 at 6:01am
wow! I thought the enthusiasm we saw in Cambodia was exceptional, but it seems that the National Events in most of the ADB countries are a great succes. Quotes from participants say so much more than any report. Hats off to the Philippino ADB coaches for a strong transfer and the Filipino National Facilitation Team for their inspiration to us.

Comment by Laurence Gilliot on October 17, 2008 at 5:07pm
Thank you so much for sharing this, Usa...
I'm smiling behind the computer in Siem Reap :-)


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