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Sharing, connecting and learning during the online learning festival, Amsterdam

On Saturday 21st of November 2020 the SALT and CLCP facilitators training in Amsterdam was completed by an online learning festival. It was musically enlivened by Oed-player Alsharaa. A group of seven neighbours from the eastern district of Amsterdam shared their learnings with the guests of the festival, who were: Neighbours, people from other local organisations and a civil servant of the eastern district of Amsterdam.

Against the backdrop of corona, the training unexpectedly became…


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Amsterdam SALT trainees gather inspiration during lockdown

“If I am not in the world simply to adapt to it, but rather transform it, and if it is not possible to change the world without a certain dream or vision for it, I must make use of every possibility there is not only to speak about my utopia, but also to engage in practices consistent with it.”     ― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Indignation


In small groups, the participants in the Amsterdam facilitators training organised three SALT visits to learn from…


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A new reality and new opportunities

“Thank you for asking me to join the local community group, it gave me so much”, Zohra tells Ghalia. “I got to know a lot of nice people since I moved to Zeeburgereiland two years ago. I can always say hi to someone when I walk on the street.”, Guus recollects. “I really appreciated a small shelter from the rain on my way to this training”, Oldoez says. The group shared their appreciations with each other.

Last month, a group op neighbours from Zeeburgereiland and IJburg in the…


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The Constellation: who are we

The Constellation video, where we journey in less then 2 minutes from space, through nature, to villages, in homes and back while exploring what the Constellation stands for. Thank YOU for being part of it.


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