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TCIF’s Project Kavach, funded by AVAHAN, the India AIDS Initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation uses a unique, innovative approach to HIV prevention amongst the mobile trucking population. It provides comprehensive health services including treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through a program owned network of “Khushi Clinics” across India. The clinical services offered by Khushi Clinics at various transhipment locations alongside the highways. In order to address the challenge of fragmented engagement with a mobile population, the program focused on building a uniform look and feel of services across intervention sites. This helps facilitate recognition and recall of services, thereby creating sustained engagement. Moreover, the program's nationwide network of clinics is branded across the 17 locations.

This network of Khushi clinics (khushi is Hindi for happiness) is staffed by over 80 doctors, nurses, and counselors. To avoid becoming stigmatized as "STI clinics," the clinics treat a range of general health ailments in addition to STIs so that truckers won't hesitate to be seen at the clinics. The brand and logo were developed in consultation with truckers through focus group discussions. All signs on Khushi clinics and highway signs, as well as communications, have the Khushi logo displayed. These signs, with the Khushi logo, are prominently posted at check-posts, along highways, and at several points in the intervention locations themselves. This brand is independent of any organization and is used by NGOs across the program. Khushi is a brand that belongs to the trucking community. It stands for shared values the program is trying to promote such as responsible masculinity and pride in the trucking profession. The program has created prolific signage to build brand awareness and recall for Khushi clinics.

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