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Where has the community shared about HIV, with whom, what has it shared and why it has shared? They have shared abroad.

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Comment by Bobby Zachariah on April 3, 2014 at 1:29pm

It was interesting watching the community members, as they responded to the question: What do you share with others?  Why? How?

Some responses were as follows:

As migrants, we leave our family behind in Nepal and come to Mumbai.  Here we meet our other country men, with whom we become friends.   We then spread around in different places in Mumbai.  We came in touch with the Drop in Centre run by EMPHASIS project.

At Mumbai, we got information about HIV, condom use, availability of HIV blood testing services, need for taking precautions while travelling between Nepal and India.

Personal sharing to men, women and children who we are connected to is what we do normally.  We also use social media like Face Book, Twitter and Whatsapp to share our messages with other Nepali community members.  We also spread the message through print media.  Even at our place of work, we share information about HIV with our colleagues.  Our sense of ownership about this issue is very high.

Comment by Onesmus Mutuku on March 21, 2014 at 8:40pm

Really Happy Rituu :-) - others -----What are you proud of as a family, community? Who has come to learn from your experience? How did they know about what you are doing? What was transferred?? Here, number of things could be analysed - actions for response - caring for PLHIV, OVCs, Drug users; vision and hope; skills set/knowledge.....

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