Mauritius Stories of Change


J'aime mon corps, Oui je l'aime!

Sabine raconte comment l'amour pour son propre corps lui a aidé à surmonter une addiction à l'héroïne de 8 ans. 

Elle parle de la barrière qui existe entre les gens qui consomment les drogues et ceux qui ne le font pas. Comment traverser cette barrière?



 Rien n'est Impossible

Tu peux naitre dans une famille bien riche, et perdre tout avec les drogues. Tu peux te retrouver à la prison et penser que ta vie a terminé, et quelques années plus tard être un directeur reconnu.

Joe nous raconte comment dans cette vie, rien n’est impossible. 

My Boss changed my Life

Several companies tell us how high consumption of alcohol by some employees leads to high costs at the workplace.

People won’t come to work after a heavy weekend, stay ill, have accidents or fall out… As we are discovering how to deal with the issue, Visham's story might inspire some bosses. 

My Friend woke me up from the Brown Sugar High

You cannot convince anyone to stop taking drugs. When someone discovers something else that makes his life worth living, big changes can happen quickly. Rupesh tells us how a big fight with his childhood friend woke him up from the nightmare he says he was living in. 

Trois fois les bras ouverts 

For many people, recovering from addiction happens by standing up from it, falling down again, standing up again and so forth. In this powerful story a mother of 5 tells us how she feels the alcohol is always waiting with open arms for her to come back. She's grateful that the rehabilitation Centre Chrysalide is also always waiting for her with open arms. 

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