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Measuring Change & Adapting our Response

Vision of level 5:

List of Common Principles:

Common Principles Experiences to illustrate Blog Video Resources
If we know the situation before, then we can measure the change after.

Si nous connaissons notre situation au depart, alors nous pouvons mesurer les changements après
The truckers network in Burundi measures from the beginning the number of referals for VCT and their stock of condoms in order to continuously measure progress.
Léon Paul Riragendanwa- Burundi

The Mombasa Kitua Cha Ustawi measures key indicators such as the number of visitors, the services they uptake and the number of SALT visits.
Rahab Mwaniki- Kenya

The Uganda- Rwanda border Kitua Cha Ustawi measures from the start key indicators in order to measure progress over time.
Lilian- Uganda
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If people open up the dialogue and share experiences, they will be able to measure progress and adapt their response

Si les gens ouvrent le dialogue et partagent leurs expériences alors ils seront capables de mesurer les progrès et adapter leur réponse
During SALT visits in Mombasa, the community reflected and realized that discrimination was going down.
Rahab Mwaniki- Kenya

After discusions opened up through SALT visits in Burundi, the wives of the truckdrivers put condoms in the bags of their husbands after their increased understanding.
Léon Paul Riragendanwa- Burundi

In Walis Station, Papua New Guinea, regular discussions during coffee nights showed the progress made on inclusion and reduction of risky behaviours.
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Watch video

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If we work in a team to measure progress, our analysis goes deeper and we can better adapt our response

Si nous travaillons en equipe pour mesurer le progres, notre analyse sera plus profonde et nous pouvons mieux adapter notre réponse
In DR-Congo, the facilitation team does regular After Action Review in teams to get more perspectives on the learning and adapt/improve together.
Judith DR Congo

In Ta Wang Taan community in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a grup representing the entire community including elderly, young people, leaders and PLHIV do their Self Assessment every 6 months to measure together that progress.

In Ruhura community, the team within the cooperative does regular home visits to their lenders of credit to analyse the progress and provide joint feedback for improvement and encouragement.

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If we document our objectives and indicators over time, then we can better measure our progress and see the trend.

Si nous documentons nos objectifs et indicateurs dans le temps, alors nous pouvons mieux mesurer notre progrès et voir la tendance.
In the Mombasa centre the team documents and archives improvements on key indicators over time.
by Rahab Mwaniki- Kenya

In DR-Congo, the facilitation team documented and measured every month to see the number of SALT visits and communities accompanied and compare to the planning.
by Judith - DR Congo

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