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How can you assess your malaria competence?

The Self Assessment framework allows you to assess yourself on 14 practices related to malaria competence. You assess yourself at a level between Level 1 (lowest) and Level 5 (highest). The levels for each practice are defined in the Self Assessment Framework, but you can understand them in general terms as follows:

Example : Brushing your teeth

Steps to do your self-assessment:

1. Get your family, colleagues, village or community together and make sure you have enough time to discuss your situation (at least 1-2 hours)
2. The facilitator explains the 5 levels of the self-assessment (with simple example like above)
3. Discuss the practices one by one and agree on the level your community is at today. Everyone is invited to speak. People justify why they think the community is at a particular level by giving an example. The community has to agree on one level.
4. Once you have discussed all practices, choose 3 priority practices you want to improve
5. Choose a target level (level you want to reach in the next months) for each priority practice
6. Choose actions you want to undertake to reach the target levels, a time frame and indicators which will let you know that you have reached each target level.

Share your experience in our virtual community:

1. Go to and ‘sign in’ if you are a member and ‘sign up’ if you are not yet a member
2. Go to the forum on malaria competence and share your experience in the box ‘Reply to this’. You can attach your results and your action plan by clicking on symbol of document.

If you have question, feel free to contact us at or + 66 87 36 25 463. Read more on malaria competence in Togo and the Gambia on the malaria competence website.

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