Acknowledgement and Recognition

Vision of level 5:

This vision was dreamt to tackle HIV and AIDS but acknowledgement and recognition is key to responding to many of life's challenges and opportunities.

HIV/AIDS is an issue that affects us all. Together, we share concerns and hopes. We are honest to ourselves and our community and face the good and less good issues together. We naturally and openly discuss HIV/ AIDS as a normal disease, as well as our vulnerabilities, without taboo or prejudice. Our response to AIDS is part of our daily life. We know our own status and act from strength. There is no need for people to disclose their status because everyone shares the same knowledge and responsibility.

List of Common Principles:

  1. If we involve religious and other leaders in the discussion then traditions and policies can be revisited
  2. If we discuss the issue of HIV as a couple, with family or friends, or as a community, then we can acknowledge that HIV concerns us all and we can address it
  3. If we share accurate, timely information in our community then we can have the knowledge and courtage to act to prevent the spread of HIV
  4. When communities accept the spread of HIV is their issue, they will take steps to prevent it and care for those affected
  5. When we met people living with HIV on a human level,it helps us understand that HIV affects us all
  6. If we tap into the culture of people they will apply what they know already
  7. If we accept ourselves and our situation,then we can accept and support other more readily


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