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In Mauritius, people, organisations and facilitators change in order respond to the drug challenge.

People, families and communities change:

From the people who recovered from addiction and are now supporting others to do the same we learn that:
1) Human strengths and hope never get depleted. Everyone can change.
It is possible to get out of alcohol or drug addiction no matter how long one has been in. 
2) Recovering from a drug addiction requires a most human and profound transformation. 
3) Even though the choice to stop an addiction needs to come from within the person, most people need others to get out of it. 

La deuxieme partie de ma vie
Comment j'ai transforme 25 ans de l'enfer de drogue
J'ai craque pendant la visite de ma Maman au prison 
Ma motivation? Mes enfants! (English transcription française / YouTube)
Tout le monde peut changer!

Nazlee volunteers in Renaissance Mahébourg: "My brother passed away..."

Facilitators appreciate, elicit and nurture strengths:

Annick used to organise the Candle Light Festival. Now the community does

Pamela from Kinouete: "To work with human beings is a choice"

Organizations change:

Georgette from Chrysalide :"Our clients are much younger that ten years ago. SALT made us listen to them and adapt"

Laval from Renaissance Mahébourg: "SALT helps us to keep our roots into life"

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