Participate in the Conference: Building Sustainable Peace: Ideas, Evidence, Strategies Call for Submissions

Dear SALT practitionners and peacebuilders, 

Before I share about my idea, I want to present mysefl shortly!

As you'll see in my Ning profile I'm a Human Right defender, passionated about peacebuilding and dreaming of a world where individuals could authenticly be themself and express their authenticity with each other in order to create an harmonious and constructive collaboration between human beings.

I believe in the power of SALT phylosophy and collective intelligence tools, succh as the CLCP to create a basement for groups and individuals to create a deep and democratic dialogue and a culture of appreciation of tensions and diversity. 

My personal dream is to build a bridge between community led development using such approach as the SALT and peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

I would love to get your experiences and mobilise strength within the network to work in that line. 

We have now an opportunity to develop a paper to share our experience! 

Look at the call for submission from the Kroc Institute, who'll organise in November 2019 a Conference on "sustainable peace" . 

I would be happy to work on that paper with people with experiences. Would you feel to join me? 

Please let me know through email or comment if you want to think through and start to work on a paper! 

Thank you 


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