A definition of Malaria Competence/Une définition de ‘Compétence face au paludisme’

We are trying to define the idea of ‘Malaria Competence’ and we would like to use your experience and knowledge to establish that definition. Below you will find our first effort. We would like to hear your thoughts. Are there ideas that we should add? Are there things that we should remove?

Nous essayons de trouver une définition de l’idée ‘Compétence face au paludisme’ et nous voulons utiliser votre connaissance et expérience établir cette définition. Ci-dessous, vous trouverez notre premier effort. Nous aimerions entendre vos suggestions pour l’améliorer.

When individuals, families and communities recognise that malaria is caused by the bite of a mosquito, they take action to reduce the chance of infection and to reduce the consequences of infection.
In a malaria competent society, we—as people in communities, in organisations and in policy making – act from strength:
  • to modify our surroundings so that they become hostile to the mosquito
  • to protect the most vulnerable from infection
  • to recognise the symptoms of malaria
  • to ensure that appropriate treatment is available in a timely fashion and
  • to learn from and to share with others
Quand des individus, familles et communautés reconnaissent que le paludisme est causé par les piqûres de moustiques, ils agissent afin de réduire la possibilité d'infection et de réduire les conséquences de l'infection.

Dans une société compétente face au paludisme, nous— en tant que membres de communautés, organisations et décideurs politiques—agissons à partir de nos forces afin de:
  • modifier notre environnement afin qu'il devienne hostile aux moustiques
  • protéger les plus vulnérables de l'infection
  • reconnaître les symptômes du paludisme
  • assurer que les traitements sont disponibles à temps et
  • apprendre de notre expérience et partager avec d'autres

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Thanks for this great initiative Phil. Is there sometimes a problem of 'inclusion' with respect to Malaria. People being isolated? Then that might be an issue to add. And 'to learn from' does that include adapting to it? Learning itself is not useful, but the action resulting from it.

Thanks a lot for this brilliant bullet points.Is it not neccesary to do massive sensitisation at macro, include menso and micro levels to include the isolated
weekly prophylasis to under fives ,pregnant women and lacctating mothers in malaria endemic zones.
weekly home visiting by communtity health workers ie TBAS CHVS ,VDC ,CBD to ensure effective use of ITNS
ToMilly put measures in place to stop the sale of ITNS at all levels



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