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Learning festival : Refugees benefit from strengths-based approach in the Netherlands (videos in English and Dutch)

Video in Dutch - impression of Learning Festival in the Netherlands, November 2018 Video in English - impression of Learning Festival in the Netherlands, November 2018 Are you interested to know more… Weergeven »

Krachtgericht Begeleiden van groepen - Phase 2 of Strengths-based participatory community development with refugees in the Netherlands, #inclusion #diversity 4 commentaren 

This year (2018) approx. 30 employees of the Dutch Council for Refugees will be on a learning journey to apply SALT in the groups they (will) facilitate. One group in Amsterdam started in February wi… Weergeven »

Wil je ook een Project in Nederland starten?

Op dit moment passen we de krachtgerichte aanpak van the Constellation toe in Nederland met jongeren, op hogescholen, met circusartiesten, met vluchtelingen en statushouders, voor de versterking van… Weergeven »

Diversity and Inclusion 37 commentaren 

Statushouders Samen-redzaam  Nederlandse versie onderaan Since 2015, a large group of people started to ask for refuge in the Netherlands. For some people this created fear: how will we be able… Weergeven »

Powerful communities

During our SALT visits between 2011 and 2017, the Dutch facilitator teams were energized and inspired by the power of Dutch communities. We visited students, mother support groups, second hand shops… Weergeven »

Pictures 9 commentaren 

Weergeven »


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