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Dear All,


Several members have suggested that we can have a logo for Community action day. Marjolein from Netherlands has kindly offered to design the logo.


Any suggestions for the logo? What should it represent, what would catch the eye and what would tug the heart? Look forward to your feedback.




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Oh wow, thanks Marjolein. If a logo could represent all we have seen on last years pictures: joy, hope, pride, together, potential....


It is good to have a logo that will identify Community Action Day. I am thinking of a rainbow that signifies diversity. I don't know however how to put it in the it the color or the shape that will show our diverse cultures but one in our efforts in making a better world!

Feelings that is can transfer are: Inner potential that is revealed. Pride. Yes, we can! Connections around the world

Something around community, dreams coming through by taking action together. Hands joining or circle of friends holding hands?


When I see a rainbow I immediately think about the gay movement. So, I like the idea of using different colors but I would not necessarily go for a rainbow as such.

Please don't get me wrong: I like the rainbow idea and the gay movement :-) I have cool gay friends that are very dear to my heart. I thought that we could use the idea of different colors of the rainbow, to show diversity, but not necessarily in the form of a rainbow. 

Message de Younoussa



J'ai lu avec un intéret l'idée de création de logo pour CAD: C'est super/Si ce logo peut englober tous les bons résultats et etre vivant c'est à dire intégrer les nouveaux résultats au fur et à mesure du CAD:

Je reve que nous allons redecoler comme un avion qui fait escale



I read with a lot of interest the idea of creating a logo for CAD: It's great. If this logo can include all the good results and be alive, meaning integrate the new results as we move on with CAD:

My dream is that we take off again like a plane in transit.

Dear All,

Marjolein inspite of her hectic schedule has drawn a logo for Community Action Day. Thank you very much Marjolein.

Request for your thoughts on it by 7th July so that we can finalise it very soon.

Thanks and regards,


Responses to Marjolein's logo for CAD from Facebook


    • Emmanuel Nkosinathi Mwale its a nice one! congrats marjolein, just an observation that make the slogan below more visual clear and adjusted in font (maybe opt for another font)
      9 hours ago ·
    • Rituu Competence Thanks Emmanuel Nkosinathi Mwale Appreciate your inputs. Will collect all the comments here and inform Marjolein. I don't think she is on Facebook.
      9 hours ago ·
    • Boris Alberda Marjolein thanks for your efforts, good idea to change the font into something easy to read. Also there are a lot of figures, maybe make it simpeler?
      28 minutes ago ·
    • Carol Njeri Wao!i lyk it.Thanx Marjolein.
      18 minutes ago ·

  • Laura Navarro-Lacroix Thank you very much Marjolein! I like the colors a lot but I agree with Boris, there are a little too much figures. Maybe just put the text around the circle on the top and have one heart and one dove in the middle or uder ther circle. Just an idea...

David Kpevai This wonderful and I support the use of it. Many thanks to the designer

This is a nice logo, however, I'm left wondering how it implies community action around the world? Also the wording isn't clear as someone else mentioned. Lastly, in terms of colors, perhaps action oriented colors and memory are more appropriate like blues, reds, and yellows.


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