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Would you please advice me a project to visit in a post conflict context about youth participation and youth entrepreneurship?

Dear collègues,

I am conducting a feasibility study of a youth project and I think to orient a pilote project in peace building and entrepreneurship in Burundi. Then I would propose to empower youth with necessary capabilities and skills to influence decision making by participating as actors not only as receivers. But I also wish to propose stratégies for linking that purpose with entrepreneurship and income generating activities.

Do you know one or more projects that I could visit as successfull practices in that field? If possible, I would then appreciate that you take contacts and appointments for me since 15th May 2014 according to their availability. 


Best wishes,



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Hi Eric,

I would like to share with you an initiative called Dorcus Beads which is facilitated by Constellation coaches April and Meble in Kenya.

In1994, Dorcus attended an HIV workshop in Sudan and became trapped there because of conflict between Sudan and her home country of Uganda. While she waited, Dorcus stayed with a woman who made beads from recycled paper. She taught Dorcus the technique, and when Dorcus returned to Uganda, she taught other women in Kampala. After Dorcus became a volunteer for The Salvation Army, she taught more women the art of bead-making. The beauty of the Dorcus Beads is that they are made with "found" items: pages from discarded magazines. The beads can be made in as many colors as can be found in those pages. And for the women, they provide a real livelihood.

"Dorcus Beads do more than sustain people. They help them to thrive and plan for their future," says April. The women have also been able to fund community projects, such as purchasing water tanks and toilets. I can connect you with Meble if you want.

Yes please Rituu, connect me with Meble and I ask her an appointment between 15th and 20th may if possible to meet her.


I love this story, dear Rituu, and would be interested to know more about Dorcus Beads, thanks! Nathalie

Hi Eric,

please let me know if I can help on this; I cannot advise any project but am really interested in the topic, and can contribute with my experience of a mediator;



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