Dear Members,

Are you tweeting? I am tweeting on behalf of the Constellation. What if we shared and exchanged on Twitter? Please follow the Constellation twitter @TheConstellati1

  1. May I invite you to share your twitter handle in the responses below.
  2. If you have any experiences to share about use of twitter, please do so that we can learn together.



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Thank you Duncan!

Am a professional tweetmaster. Add me and read all my tweets on @aareakinbo @dnsAfrica @mynol1 @cc_coms etc. Regards.

Thank you!

Tweeting on HIV and HIV competent faith communities @lyn4caris and on gender and gender based violence and the Thursdays in Black Campaign @Thursdays_Black

You have a strong presence in social media, Lyn!






Love your work, Rituu! You're a star!!!



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