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Hi friends,

I wish to learn from your collective experience. I have 3 questions I'd like to pose:

1. What does "Transfer" mean to you? 

2. When you share with others about the Constellation and what we do, what is your "elevator pitch" (i.e. what do you say, in a few short sentences)?

3a. For those who have brokered or managed partnerships:

- Creating partnerships and managing them can take time and lots of energy. What are your motivations and incentives for doing this?


3b. For those who have not yet brokered partnerships:

- Would you be interested to seek out new partnerships to spread CLCP to new communities? Why / Why not?

- What would you need to do this? 

The responses to these questions will help to inform how the Global Support Team can further stimulate and support all of you in sharing CLCP. Let's keep the conversation alive!

Thanks to all, in advance.



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