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Below are some really useful tips from Gaston Schmitz for talking about the Constellation.


It is structured using the WHY-HOW-WHAT model which was proposed by Simon Sinek in a Ted Talk titled "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" "

1. Why? Good things are happening, but serious gaps in current development efforts
2. Why? We learnt from mind blowing progress in countries like N-Thailand, Uganda etc; 
3. Why? Huge untapped capacity is out there!

4. How? Facilitation of local responses to reveal this untapped capacity; 

5. How? Foundation of the Constellation. 12 members, 5 continents, different backgrounds; 

6. What? What do we do? Community coaching; 
7. What? In specific. A natural strength-based learning cycle

8. Credibility of your story? Implemented in >30 countries with > 50 partners
9. Credibility of your story? External evaluations of UNAIDS etc. 

10. Show modesty. This is to complement great existing efforts and we're making slow progress on difficult issues. This is only the start of a bigger journey.

I'd love to learn from you, what little hooks or gems have you found helpful in your conversations?

Please share your experience and wisdom!


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