As you may know, a team of the Constellation is working actively to support communities facing Ebola in West Africa and DRC. 

To do so, a group of facilitators  in the Constellation has worked on a proposal that is available on the Constellations websiteThe proposal is intended to any partner, UN, government etc.  who recognises that local response is the missing element in the current international response.

One of the objectif it's also to show that communities have the capacity to spread competence to address issues of concern to them and we are convinced they can address ebola also, putting their own strengths at work to stop both the fear and the virus.

      We need your support in this process.

You can support in sharing your experience in dealing with health concerns like HIV, malaria, infant mortality, avian flu, or any other issue that seems relevant regarding Ebola (Video, record or blog).


You can support helping the Share and Transfer team of the Constellation in their work in:

  1.    Facilitating the sharing experience of members of the Constellation - stimulate members who have relevant experience to share in order to learn from them and share the knowledge with communities who are facing Ebola. 
  2. Facilitating the sharing of the proposal - Scan online Ebola discussions happening in different forums to share the Constellation response and experience.

This would need just a bit of your time and would help us a lot. 

If you want to contribute, sharing you experience or helping the Share and Transfer team, please contact :

 Laurie and/or



I invite you to have a look at those video from  Dr Ruppol and Dr Miatudila  sharing their experience on Ebola. (French)

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