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Taking Care of the Constellations website

The Constellation is looking at its’ members and friends to identify a person who can take care of the Constellation website during 2019.


The Constellations website has undergone a facelift in 2017 and has been under constant development since. The task of the carer will include:

  • Build and maintain your website team with collaborators in and around the Constellation who can support your work

  • Respond to calls for changes from the network (monthly inquiring, changes when needed)

  • Coordinate translation in english/french/spanish of changes

  • Develop/update subpages with and for local support teams that are registered as Constellation member

  • Facilitate the move to a new domain.

  • Evolve the website’s “look & feel” to reflect changes in the organization and in the general trend of communication/websites (when needed)

  • Discussion with other “share” collaborators in the Constellation network for harmonious communication; ie. people working on newsletter, updating social media platforms, Ning, etc.


Celicia and Carmen who have been working on our website over the past years:

  • Have developed in depth documentation and guides that will support your work

  • Will be available for handover conversations as needed

  • Have build a nice pool of professional collaborators, ready to jump in on specific tasks

The Constellation’s Global Support Team, especially the Share function, will be available to support you in your tasks.


We have learned that the person who takes care of the website will need to have:

- good technical skills and experience in CSS and HTML coding

- a good understanding of the work and the way of working of the Constellation

- fulfilling the administrative and tax requirements in your country in order to be able to provide paid services to the Constellation, based in Belgium.


We can offer payment for 1 day of work per month. The current GST rate is at 165 Euro per day. (12 days@165 Euro/day in 2019). Furthermore there is a reserve of 6 days@165 Euro/day) for the inclusion of other team members or for unforeseen tasks which will be managed by the carer also.

We hope that a candidate will also have close links with one of the Constellation’s Local Support Teams (registered as member) and that the team can support and co-benefit from the activity.

YOU feel excited and feel up to the task?

Write to by 17 December 2018 and we will organise further conversations, jointly with Carmen Rivera.

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Thank you Marlou for sharing! Eager to welcome Constellation candidates :)


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