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Strengthening the community based organisations on community life competence

We all are trying our best to inculcate the concept and essence of community life competence among different stakeholders and community. If we can strategically try to develop a team of NGOs/CBOc/CSOs in every corner of the world where we have been able to spread CLC, we can further strengthen the team and also induce CLC as a cross-cutting issue along with participation and sustainability.
What we just need is to induce the concept and help the organisations to make it a method and tool in developing their programmatic strategy & approach.
We have two options one is that if we can prepare a concept note and find out funders for selling the concept, which is already known to many.
The socond option can be each one of us taking the responsibility of coaching a handful of organisations within our reach (locality/area).

Sometimes there's strength in numbers and to enhance the quality of process we need numbers and magnitude

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Dear Anupam,

Thanks for your contribution to India competence in many ways- through application of the approach, through sharing on Ning and through transfer of approach.

The challenge is how to convey the approach through documents and concept notes. The best way so far has been to take the freshers to the community. That is why we organise annual SALT visits to invite those interested to have a glimpse of the approach. This year for the first time we have them in India in Karnataka from 23rd to 30th October.

Another challenge is that its not easy to evaluate the impact of community-based approach.

Best regards,

I think the secret lays in using both the options, some of us strengthening the grassroot and the other group advocate for funds.....
@ Rituu, I know as a project, evaluation is important but change in the community cannot be evaluated in a year'll take more than 2 years to see the differences in the community.
Great in all sense.
I agree with Bazo, evaluation of impact could take 2-3years but again just the infancy stage we can start to noticed some changes and as time goes on, facing greater challenges, level of assessment will be evident.
SALT is a step forward to seeing how applicable has the transfer of knowledge been and in subsequent move(actions taken) , alternative measure will be implemented.


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