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Dear All,

At the moment we are working at the Academy of Art on a applied research program about story telling and narrative design. Young creative professions tell and design stories by movies, animations, games, new applications and technology. The context students work in focus on education, sustainability, health and branding. 

As I think the Constellation Community works frequently with story telling, I would like to get in touch with people who want to share their experiences with story telling and community building. We might bring both worlds together. 


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Hello Maaike, 

I work on the Constellation e-learning programme that we call Blended Learning. The programme is based on learning-from-experience and I guess that ultimately experience comes down to telling stories. I would like very much to talk more about the possibilities of working together. 

Best regards


Dear Phil, 

I would love to learn more about the e-learning program and your experiences. What would be the best way to get in contact? A Skype Call?

Looking forward to get in touch,


Hi Maaike,


Great! What excites me about this is how we can use different mediums for story telling. Count me in. How can we get to know the ideas from these young creative minds? Can some of them share their thoughts here?




Hi Maaike,


One of most inspiring and experienced person in the Constellation on story telling is Marijo. She wrote two beautiful blogs in story telling. She help women with HIV in Spain to share their life story and collected them together in a book.

The story telling in people's lives:

More on story telling:




Dear Maaike,

I have been doing a project on life narratives of women living with HIV in Spain 2 years ago and I do not know if some of my experience in the field can be of any help to you.

The public result of the project was a book and a DVD (a slide format containing extracts of women's voices and pictures) where individual stories could be listened to as forming a collective story of HIV in Spain.

This material is in Spanish so I do not know if you would be interested in seeing it (I have it in pdf format and DVD in VOB format) I can send it to you separately, as it is a bit heavy.

This project was more of telling and listening than using new technology so my experience in how stories can be best told in video or translated into games is not very much. Most of the work we did was aimed at creating a safe and trustful container where the 20 participants could feel at ease to tell about intimate experiences and to make the analysis of their lives, and then making it so the stories where edited in such a way that women stories could still keep their own spirit.

I do not know if these aspects will be of interest to you. If so, let me know and we can keep talking about it more indepth.

If it is so, I would be ready to share with you.

Kind regards





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