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We are about to embark on collecting a knowledge asset on the practice of Mobilising Resources.
I believe each of you has had, or knows of, an experience where a community has been able to mobilise resources (their own and/or others) to achieve something remarkable. Tell us about that and your role in it. What is the one main message the story makes?  Try sharing the experience out loud to a friend or colleague before writing it down. Please add it as a blog on Ning and use the tag “Resources” to help others find it. 
To inspire you might read “Beauty meets Quality” from Kerala, India. By acquiring a mirror, a chair and a table, sex workers set up their own beauty parlour. This helps build their self-esteem which in turn stimulates the change to insisting on safer sex.
Based on your experience, what is the ESSENCE (the essential principle) of Mobilising Resources? To prompt you here are a couple of offers:
- one from Guyana: If we apply an individual approach based on personal change; then we do not require a lot of external resources and can tap into the potentials of our own resources
- one based on level 5 of the self-assessment: We use our own resources, access other resources to achieve more and have planned for the future. 
We'd like you to share your essence or dream for Mobilizing Resources in this forum discussion.
Once we have collected a number of experiences we will sort them by common principles for action.  If you want to join the series of discussions to generalise these common principles please let me know.
PS: If you want to check out knowledge assets on other topics click here

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Mobilizing resources.... How do we keep our volunteers interested and motivated in our work? How do we get them to feel that they are a part of a changing force? I'm wondering....
Thanks Ng Hui Xin for your concern. We can keep our volunteers interested and motivated by helping them to start income generating activities so that they can feel that they are part of the process and they own the process and they have the solution to their problems.
Ouelegan 1 est un village du cercle de Koutiala dans la région de Sikasso: les communautés ont décidé pour la mobilisation de ressources permettant la réalisation de leur plan d’action de faire un champ collectif de haricot d'une superficie d'un hectare. Après les récoltes, les revenus issus de la vente des produits alimenteront une caisse mise en place pour la circonstance. Un comité de suivi du plan d’action mis sur place à décidé de cotiser chaque semaine avec des adhérents volontaires, la somme de 25 FCFA. Ainsi quand nous passions, le comité avait mobilisé 10 000 F dont 2000F ont été utilisés pour l’achat de semences de niébé. Le reste de l’argent disponible est prévu pour l’achat d’engrais.
Cher Younoussa,

Merci beaucoup d'avoir partagé cette expérience. Qu'est-ce qui, selon les gens du village, est un élément clé pour la réussite de la mobilisation des resources. Quels conseils donneraient-ils à un autre village qui veut mobiliser des resources?


I agree with Marlou and Geoff who have beautifully expressed their dream on Mobilizing resources. I do think that in the ideal situation we mobilize internal but also external resources. We mobilize a divers set of resources so that we do not depend on one source of income.



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