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Hi Luc Barriere Constantin

I am Nary from Cambodia

  • I was introduced to SALT since 2009 for HIV/AIDs issue.
  • I practicing SALT in a part of my professional work in communities and my life.
  • Yes, I do
  • I have mainstreaming SALT into my psychology group, I use SALT in a part of Counseling to looking for strength of my client not only listen to their problem.  I have introduced SALT to my college and other staffs who are working with children.
  • I did not take note or have any document about this for assessing the impact because it not including to my report.

Best regards


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Thank you Nary.

I am happy to see how SALT can disseminate in the different segments of life and I think this is a very positive transfer. I can only encourage you to continue, especially if you, children and other people you are caring for are benefiting from SALT. 

We would like to document the fact that SALT can contribute be sustained in your environment. Let's hope that in one way or another you can you can help us in that endeavor. So, please continue to share your experience with us through Ning or other means. 

All the Best from France. 



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