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Dear friends it is my humble pleasure to share with you what briefly Community Hive Organization is or what is burning to date. But before anything else allows me to thank you for the great work you do towards improving the general well-being of our vulnerable communities’ worldwide. I am much convinced that with this network a lot will be shared and also a lot will be learn t to further our goals and objectives.
It is my pleasure to share with you that we have internship and volunteer program and we have started recruiting internship students to equip them with field/practical skills such that they are able to replicate the best practices when they go back to their areas to support older persons. So far we have started receiving positive results from the various universities from the deans and internship coordinators of these institutions. Our community intervention processes include;

We the organization, internship students, older persons and community youth sit and identify the challenges/ need together, then come up with activities as a team according to the needs identified, we draw the work-plan, implement the work plan and also evaluate what we have implemented together. In other words, 80% of the skills are offered in the field. It is important to tell you that when you see you do not forget, when you touch you feel and act and sustain what you have acted.

Then 20% is reserved for organized sessions where students are also practically equipped with skills and knowledge on how to write activity reports, how to develop a project objective and activities, how to set project indicators, how to write a project proposal specifically on how to come up with the problem, causes of the problem and effects of the problem using the problem tree analysis and raking tools.

This means that by the end of the hands-on training, such a student qualifies to start a program that supports older persons in their communities. Still the community is also changed the perception towards marginalized older persons. The older person is empowered to act rightly to support him or herself. Lastly the organization recognizes the importance to work as a team in solving a community challenge/development issue.
Truly, we use these interns,volunteers and community members because of the limited staff that we have versus the limited financial resources. So these people cover up such a gap.
We request for volunteers to come and join our struggle as we much aware that partnership is power and strengths. Working as a group is a ground for sharing knowledge and experiences on how to do things better. I remember when Marlou during the social gerontology training in Uganda told us to group up and revise the word SALT. When we came as a team, we realized various words that could come out of one letter. So i took this exercise seriously.
All international volunteers interested to work with Community Hive Organization during their period of stay; the community will provide them with accommodation.
Please you can use this email to reach me such that you know the details or or you can contact Marlou who is aware of our work

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