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Please share your independent evaluations of CLCP

Hi everyone,

Well.... we all know that sometimes, even if we believe in something so much (because we have seen it work), our colleagues and others may not see it the same way.

I am talking about CLCP, and how we promote this approach as an effective approach.

Here is my challenge.  My friend and colleague, Chandra, and I, have been asked by our seniors to PROVE that CLCP works. 

They have done a learning event. 
They have done SALT visits
We even have a successful programme (HIV) here that is working BEAUTIFULLY with ACP!

But... they want independent evaluations. 

They want something summarised in 2 pages that shows the evidence of CLCP working. They want evaluations with data and familiar methodologies used.

So.... I am putting the call out.  Chandra and I have taken everything off the website (e.g. the UNAIDS evaluation etc).  Have your organisation had an independent evaluation of the CLCP work you do?  Can you please share this?

If they are satisfied with the evaluations we may have the opportunity to pilot CLCP in 2 programmes over 5 years, which would be a fantastic opportunity.

I thank you in advance for your input.


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Hi Olivia,
Did you see this:
Great is others can add to that, we can then also add more examples on our webpage.
Best wishes,
I know that Khun Jot, from Thailand, and his team have developed a very interesting process to organize external evaluations and they could prove that there was a direct link between the CLCP process, the increase in capabilities of people in communities and a reduction of HIV prevalence. The report will come out very soon. I'll post it here.



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